Ways to solve 'could not build objective-c module'

Xcode ALWAYS has some problems…..



  • Click ‘Manage Schemes’


  • Selected the Scheme


  • Choose the Scheme


  • Then just Build (⌘B) and change back to your scheme
  • RUN


  • Go into Developer/Xcode/DerivedData and delete the folder for your framework. (Or just delete DerivedData itself)

  • If you have a build of you app in a running simulator you’ll need to delete the app there.

  • Then Clean & Build


  • If you’re getting this error trying to import a dynamic framework, make sure the framework is included in the target’s Target Dependencies.
Project > "Target" > Build Phases > Target Dependencies
  • Also, if you are working with another framework developed in the same workspace, make sure to add the Project as a linked library instead of the framework file, otherwise the framework won’t be visible as a target dependency.

Title: Ways to solve 'could not build objective-c module'

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Published: 09/10/2019 - 20:25:15

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